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Each doorway that we open has the potential to unveil new pathways within and without ourselves. Each time we step out in search of a greater truth we are transformed by the intention that is awakened within our hearts. You will find many things within these web pages. There is much here about jazz and the art and science of jazz guitar for that is my passion, and one of the ways that I express my heart. Helping guitarists find the doorway to their next musical step is one of my greatest joys. Take your time and explore the site as it continues to develop and evolve. There just may be a key hidden in plain site that will help you.

The journey of spiritual awakening is my other great passion. You will find much in this site about my journey, wisdom gathered and lessons learned. I share it with you not to make you believe or experience life as I do, but to encourage you to explore your own heart, mind and Spirit more deeply. There are treasures there, awaiting remembrance

Thank you for spending a few moments here and for the gift of your presence.
Safe Journeys...with my heart
--- Rodney

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Love always...always love,