07.22.17Two New CDs are now available for download.

Dear Friends -

I want to let you know that my two new Ads, "The Beloved", and "The Lux Aeterna" are both available for download from Bandcamp. Click the link below.



Both of these CDs are written as a window and a portal into your own spiritual experience. You can go to band camp and listen for free and see how the feel for you.

With all the love there is... Rodney

01.16.16Lots of new updates coming soon.

Dear Friends -

There is so much that I look forward to sharing. So many journey, lessons and blessings. In the weeks and months ahead the content on this website will double or more in each area. Come back soon.

With all the love there is…

- Rodney

08.29.13Devotion CD.

From Within The Sound – The Stories Behind The Music


…In the dream I asked this great Spiritual Traveler, “What is needed in this music?" He looked at me, his eyes growing tender and illuminated.

“Music of devotion. Music that does not only express the love of God, music that expresses a love for God. Music that will awaken within the hearer a deeper love for God."

Without hesitation I said, “I’ll do it."

The music on “Devotion" is my journey to bring through my heart, music that resonates with a love for God. I had not turned on my recording equipment for a few months prior to this lucid dream experience. I was focused on two new books that I am working to complete, but this dream could not be ignored.

I got up that morning and began to write and record. Over the next 4 months I would compose and record almost 40 pieces of music. “Devotion" represents those compositions that “wanted" to manifest first.

The music tells the story, my story, of searching for that inward connection with divine spirit and my deep longing for God. It transitions into my journey to gradually awaken to the miracle that life is, and my profound gratitude for the gift of life, and for every soul. Perhaps in the sounds of “Devotion" there is a resonance that may help you find, or go deeper, into your own story, your own journey of Soul.

I invite you to click the link and listen to it. It costs nothing to hear the entire CD. You can decide if you want to purchase it or not. The music was not created to make money; it was borne of love and a desire to serve, and to act upon the guidance of spirit. I offer it freely and without condition.

Through devotion, I have found a satisfaction and richness of life I could not have even imagined. The love that I sought is everywhere and in everything.

I live in a sea of blessings, sailing my ship from port to port, learning, serving, growing, and loving.

With deepest gratitude…

Love always...always love,


11.27.09Posted a New Blues for you Jazz Guitar Fans. Let me know what you think! - R

Go to Outside Sounds and check it out.

06.17.09Rodney Jones - Round Midnight

Hey Dear Friends -

I just added a video of a 1999 TV show that I did playing Round Midnight.

Enjoy and Safe Journeys,


02.09.09I have added some new writings.

Some of these writings were on my website before and, well...they are back. Enjoy!

Safe Journeys,



Dear Friends -

Welcome to the new year 2009. This is a moment of unlimited possibility and adventure. One of my most profound core experiences in my life is this, "Everything in life happens for us, nothing happens to us". That is my own life experience. I always ask myself, not just, what is happening in my life but, what does what is happening in my life mean".

I look forward to really developing this website to its fullest potential and making it a warm and welcoming place filled with gems of music and Spirit. Thank you for your presence here.

With love and blessings,


10.13.08The Journey of Soul now on iTunes!

The Journey of Soul is a collection of 15 new tunes written, produced and recorded by me. This is music that is dear to my heart and is a window into my journey of Soul. The music is intended to act as a doorway into a larger room of love, to be a place of love and connection of the heart. This is a CD where I did not record what I wanted to say, I recorded what I wanted to hear. I offer it to you in with love and blessings. May it help to lead you to where you are going.

From My Heart,



Dear Friends -

I have posted a new video slideshow.

No act, done for love alone...is ever lost.

Safe Journeys,


07.25.08New Interview Online - Online with Andrea Garrison - BlogTalkRadio

07.09.08New Sound File added

For those of you who are guitar heads, I put a sound file of myself playing rhythm changes in the Outside Sounds Section of the website. Let me know what you think. This is not your Bebop Formula sound that so many play. Enjoy!


07.09.08New Video Posted on MySpace - Escaping Gravity

For the awakened heart...

- R

12.10.07From my heart ...

I would like to thank each of you for your time spent on this website. This place reflects my journey, my life. I know that many of you will come here because you are familiar with my life and work as a jazz guitarist and musician. Some of you will come here because you resonate with the spiritual journey which is mine and how that truly is the matrix upon which my entire life rests. Some of you will come for both.

What is here is my truth, my journey. Your truth and journey will be different and are equally valid.

I believe that each of us are on own own unique journey to awaken to who and what we are as spiritual beings, and to realize our relationship with God. All that I write here has this truth in the background.

There are many tools and teachers to discover along the journey through life. In my writing, I share my path. It is my deepest desire that you find and live your path, your truth. In doing this you may discover that you are a beautiful shining Soul, who is a spark of divine love, and you have never been alone, for love's presence has accompanied you each step of your journey and always will.

Safe Journeys... from my heart,