How To Play Jazz Guitar Online Course

The “How To Learn Jazz Guitar” Course starts October, 23, 2018. The course will consist of a 

Facebook Live Session every Tuesday from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. EST.  In this class, I will play, 

demonstrate, and talk about all of the important aspects to learn jazz guitar. I will be able to 

respond to your questions in real time and interact. The video will be archived so that you 

can view it anytime to review what was shared. There will also be a written summary of each 

class that is available to help you learn even faster. 

The video lesson and summary of each class is a great resource, so even if you cannot attend the live class, there is a 

complete resource for you to study and learn from. 

As a Jazz Guitar Scholar, you are welcome to send me your questions or videos and I will 

respond to you one on one.

Here are some of the many topics, in no particular order, that we will explore in depth in the 


• What do you learn in music school? Does it actually work! 

• How to find motivation. 

• How to Practice. 

• Master Your Picking - How to pick, the most important exercises. How to practice picking. 

• The Basic Forms in Jazz. 

• Learning the Blues. 

• Learning Minor Blues. 

• Learning Jazz Standards. 

• Learning Modal Playing. 

• Learning Chord Substitutions. 

• How to use a metronome. 

• Technology and jazz guitar. What you need to know and use to get better fast! 

• How to learn to play melodically. 

• Rhythmic Masterclass. 

• Jazz Guitar Comping. 

• Solo Guitar. 

• Chord Soloing. 

• How to transcribe to maximize your results (It’s not what you think?) 

• What tunes to learn and what order to learn them. 

• How to listen. 

• Listening List. 

• How to learn new ideas. 

• How to build your own library of lines, chords, and ideas 

• Comping with piano 

• The most important chord exercises to practice first. 

• The most important lines to learn first. 

• The must know theory. 

• Hope to start developing your own style - now! 

• Guitars - how to choose and what to play. 

• Strings - A small change can make a big difference. 

• Lessons learned from the masters. Stories about my experiences with the jazz masters. 

• How to learn other styles of guitar. 

• Bird, Trane, Miles, and McCoy on the guitar. 

I will be covering these subjects much more. This is the same material that students at 

Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music and Berklee pay big bucks to learn. You are getting it 

online with video for $25.00 per week, paid one month at a time, for a 2 hour weekly lesson

 and video.

 If you can find a better deal to learn jazz guitar than this, TAKE IT.

You pay month by month so you can cancel at anytime. 

Space is limited so sign up soon to reserve your spot. When the spots are gone, you will 

have to wait for the next cycle to sign up. 

Learning jazz guitar, playing jazz guitar is not a mystery. You just need to know what to learn 

and in what order to learn it. That is what this course is all about. 

This course will give you the foundation to play the way that you would want. You won’t be 

guessing what to do. You WILL know. 

So…are you ready to become a Jazz Guitar Scholar? 

I’ll see you online! 

With gratitude and appreciation...