Welcome to rodneyjones.com. You will find a wide variety of music, information, knowledge, and wisdom here. There are sections for The Rodney Jones Trio with me on guitar, Master drummer and educator, Carl Allen, and Bass Master Lonnie Plaxico. 

There is a section for Soul Manifesto. The ground breaking Funk that celebrates Funk and Blues. This year is the 50th anniversary of James Brown’s groundbreaking recording, “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”. That was a golden time in music history. It was a time that brought increasing social awareness. Say It Loud is now a call for all of us regardless of our gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, to celebrate each other. All of us are special and different. Soul Manifesto shares music and tells stories that outline each person’s uniqueness. As I always say, your life matters. 

There are videos and audio clips from many different areas of my career and life. 

You will also find links to my other websites. 

www.thejourneyofsoul.com This is a place for the spiritual and subtle side of my music, writings, and life. 

www.jazzguitarscholars.com This is a place for my jazz guitar and music education sharing. 

www.funkschool.com Coming soon. This is the home for everything funk. Learn how to play Funk and Blues like the pros. 

I appreciate your time spent here. I appreciate you. 

With all the love there is... Rodney